FedEx unveils latest robot to deliver the mail itself

Revealed to FedEx about the latest robot is designed to support the delivery of the mail itself, where the robot named SameDay Bot shipping express mail users in the beginning.

FedEx unveils autonomous delivery robot

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Think a lot of companies in recent times on Android devices in the implementation of many of the same tasks, and FedEx for companies that rely on the robot in accomplishing the tasks, where the recently revealed robot SameDay Bot that supports the delivery of the mail itself.

The robot SameDay Bot with the support of the battery up to a speed of 10 miles per hour, also comes a range of hardware sensors LIDAR that supports Android in the process of routing the same to avoid a collision with traffic or pedestrians or any of the obstacles in the way, namely sensors used in self-driving cars.

As pointed out FedEx that the first tests of the efficiency standards and a robot SameDay Bot will be a in the shipping courier between offices, police headquarters, expansion of trade after the verification of their success already.

By the last experience, FedEx is in talks with some businesses such as AutoZone and Lowe’s, Pizza Hut, Target and Walgreens وWalmart to assess the need of these companies for this new technology in the delivery of mail, particularly for business that need to connect applications to customers at a distance of 60 miles which is the distance most appropriate to test the performance of the robot SameDay Bot.

Recall that the robot SameDay Bot contains the screens front and at the rear to support communication with the, also show the word “hello” on the front screen, while the screen shows the rear face of the special robot, is also working on the alert project in the event of stress.


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