Feeder for birds is identified the most popular cryptocurrencies for microtransactions

New live video on YouTube has attracted the attention of a huge number of captainvalor. In the frame of a conventional feeder for birds, which can interact with each user. To birds has received a new batch of food, enough to donate cryptocurrency wallets mentioned in the description broadcast. There are four payment options: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Nano.

According with the reviewers of blockchains four coins, the most popular for donations use Litecoin and Nano. And while Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is often used for making small transactions. Obviously, it’s all about the relatively high commissions in BTC is not profitable to make a small translation in the equivalent of 50 cents. That’s how much you need to donate to feed.

Crypt of feeding birds

Stream is still working. As you can see, the trough almost filled with food — all because of the huge number of donations sent to the stream. It is noteworthy that since its launch in early August on a Bitcoin wallet for donations came just one transaction, the equivalent of 50 cents.

The third most popular digital currency was Dogecoin. DOGE was made three payments in the total amount 659.019 coins or 1.61 dollar at the current rate. Litecoin used significantly more often — in the LTC wallet, it’s 20 translations at the time of this writing. Their total amount equals to approximately 0.080 LTC or 5.39 USD.

Obviously, initially, the amount was a multiple of 50 cents, but the exchange rate of Litecoin are now actively falling. Because of this mining of coins becomes less profitable.

Finally, most of the donations for the birds was collected in the Nano. At the current rate to the owners of the stream managed to earn 44.31 USD bitcoin.

Why is there such great variation in the popularity of altcoins and Bitcoin? As mentioned above, to transfer BTC to spend too much money. For example, transactions in Nano almost free, but the average value of the commissions in BTC network comes to almost a dollar.

Perhaps this problem could be solved with the help of the Lightning Network. Transactions in LN have a very small fee and you can use them for micropayments. However, while this is not very popular: Lightning Network is still far from mass adoption worldwide.

No less important possible cause of low popularity of Bitcoin — the desire of the owners of the coins to hold a coin to new heights of course. The first cryptocurrency named the best choice for every investor, because it is almost independent from shocks in the world economy. Unless someone wants to spend precious reserves of BTC for the sake of the birds, which are so full of poop?

If you buy a coffee for Bitcoin is already too mainstreme, do a good deed, join a new trend and feed the birds in the crypt. Also don’t forget to subscribe to our cryptcat and share successes!


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