Feel like a spy. Best Android apps for hidden recording

Just yesterday the first trailer of the jubilee 25th film in the James bond movie called “No time to die.” The famous special agent, there are known a variety of professional gadgets. But a little to feel like a spy and everyone can. You just have a Androidsmartphone at hand. Now we will tell you how to conduct a hidden survey on the phone. And you can make it so that nobody even guessed that you are shooting. Just remember that you do it at your own risk and we do not recommend to use this knowledge to violate the law or intrude in personal space of other people without their consent.

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Quick Video Recorder — Fast and easy

Quick Video Recorder allows you to record videos with just one click. With the ability to disable the shutter sound it allows you to start recording video without having to you found. The program can record even when screen is off. There is also the ability to easily set a timer that automatically starts recording video after a certain period of time. In addition to this, there is also a widget that gives you control of the entry on the home screen or the lock screen. There is also the choice of camera (front / rear / wide angle), turning on the flashlight while recording, the AF mode and video stabilization, and also select the orientation (portrait or landscape), regardless of how “turn” your smartphone.

Download: Mega Video Recorder

Sky Camera OS — Everything you need at hand

The user interface is a little different from other apps because it is located right on the main screen. From the point of view of different versions of capture, there is a shooting mode normal video mode take photos at certain intervals of time, detection mode, which produces start shooting only when the lens will get in someone’s face. And quite interesting is the option of capturing audio separately from the audio or adjusting the recorded sound separately. The maximum volume of the recorded file here, alas, is limited to 4 gigabytes, after which the recording will stop.

Download: Sky Camera OS

WardenCam — Watch everything that happens

You probably have somewhere an old phone. So why not use it? You can just download WardenCam, register, log in on two devices and configure one of them as a remote security camera. While the first gadget will receive the signal and to control the remote camera. You can zoom in, adjust sound, turn on the flashlight and so on. And if you knew about this opportunity use your smartphone? Tell us about it in our chat in Telegram.

Download: WardenCam

Background Videorecorder

Background Videorecorder allows you to record video in the background, with the ability to turn on/off the camera shutter sound, and without any signs of recording. Can surf the Internet, read the news, or even run a simple game. The app will work to record as much as you need. Of the distinguishing features worth noting the presence of the ability to save video directly to the SD card, recording up to resolution to 1920×1080 and also sync with Google Drive.

Download: Background Videorecorder

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