Ferrari confirms it will start producing electric cars until 2025

Confirmed Louis Camilleri recently that the company Ferrari will not start the production of electric cars at the moment, where the company plans to start production of electric vehicles after 2025.

Company Ferrari has revealed the first hybrid cars, which combine the advantages of electric cars and conventional cars too, only to start the production all-electric car will come of the plans of the maker of the Italian car, due to the wishes of the Ferrari to overcome the problems of the distance travelled by this category of cars, with the speed of shipping.

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Pointed Louis Camilleri in a recent press release that the technology of electric cars don’t live up to the expectations of Ferrari at the moment, which is the main reason that drives the company to postpone the production of this category of cars.

On the other hand, confirmed an executive from Ferrari, that the production of electric cars faces some significant problems, due to the distance travelled by electric cars is still limited, also the company is facing problem in recharge perform faster.

It is planned that the moving company Ferrari at the moment to focus on the production of hybrid cars, such as SF90 Stradale, where the company plans to produce hybrid cars in 2022 to 60% of the production of the company, that the company is also working on the development of the technique of manufacture of these cars.


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