Festival ON.DXB to develop content and new media applies in Dubai in November 2019

In line with the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to establish Dubai as the leading media hub and the first building in the region, revealed “the heart of Dubai Media City” in cooperation with “the commission DFTC”, about starting a festival ON.DXB; the regional forum to develop content and new media in Dubai next month, November, in the latest addition to the effectiveness of the international creative niche that strengthen the role of the emirate as chairman of the axes of the media industry and content development in the region.

The most striking event of its kind in the UAE and the region, will be essentially four creative industries, namely: Movies, videos, music, games, electronics and associated technology, and polarized with the launch of its first session in the twenty-first of next month, November, a crowd of experts and specialists and the stars from within the region and around the world through a wide range of activities that will form its agenda intensive for the festival which will be held throughout the three days include dialogue sessions and workshops in addition to the “hackathon” will provide a festival umbrella unique gathering these all in the purity of his goal to explore the creative potential of the most promising in the region and monitor ways to support its development by taking advantage of the global experiences of the former towards the development of Arabic content creative.

The aim of the festival is to highlight technical developments and major challenges in the industry were more like the production of films, videos, SMS, music and interactive content, games, electronic committed to the vision of good governance that Dubai began its implementation for more than 20 years and successfully thanks to its in control to the media center first-class, an achievement which recently directed the selection of Arab ministers of information Dubai the capital of Arab media for the year 2020, what demonstrates the extent to which the success of the business and strengthen the initiatives and projects leading media carried out by Dubai over the past years.

The achievements of the team

It has formed a Dubai Media City foundation stone in achieving the objectives of the Dubai Strategic in the areas of media content development and attracted since its inception, major institutions and best talent, thanks to the developed infrastructure and the business environment stimulating innovation and creativity, also contributed to the launch of the business incubator in5 of the media in providing an appropriate environment for many of the creators and talents in the areas of new media to establish their business and expand regionally and globally out of Dubai.

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The latest studies conducted by the DMC in collaboration with a range of partners namely “a look at Arab media” to digital media represents the fastest growing sector in the region, the growth rate reached 17% during the period between 2014 and 2018 due to the high rates of internet penetration and the growth of social networking sites and smartphones in the Middle East and North Africa. The distribution of the largest harvest in the growth rate by 29% sector of gaming, 23% for Transport and 12% watch a video online, what makes them engines of the first three the growth of the Digital Market Regional.

The festival will run ON.DXB an integrated platform for decision makers, media specialists and leading global investors and talent of local and regional authorities in these industries based on innovation and creativity, and provides opportunities to build partnerships and business development and the latest technological trends which contribute in driving the growth of those industries are interrelated, and enhance the status of Dubai-based global major companies highlighted the talent.

It participates in the festival film-makers and producers of music, video, an elite group of developers of interactive content, games, e-UAE and around the world, and discusses the debates and workshops held within the agenda of the festival ways to enable innovators and talent to the media of the UAE and across the region, and to promote Arabic content in different online platforms, in addition to improving the quality of content in general through access to technology and financing and provide appropriate business environment for people, contributing to the access to talent, regional innovations and to the world.

The importance of strategy

On this occasion, said Majed Al Suwaidi, Director General of Dubai Media City “comes the launch ON.DXB in conjunction with the selection of Dubai as a capital of Arab media for the year 2020, confirming the importance of the Dubai Strategic in upgrading these industries is interconnected on the regional and global level, through its infrastructure and cutting-edge business environment stimulating media innovation and entrepreneurship”.

He added: “is ON.DXB innovative model to attract and develop the talent and creative energies of the media that abound in the region, and the event role and vision of Dubai Media City in creating a stimulating environment to interact and build partnerships between the various stakeholders, New Media and content industry including large global corporations, startups and medium enterprises and business incubators”, referring to “opportunities for significant growth achieved by industries such as gaming, music, videos, and its presence growing in the region from Dubai, and its role in attracting major investment in the future boil similar to the deals of acquisition or financing by companies in Dubai such as Anghami and cream market.Com and other”.

He explained the beauty of the sheriff of the commission DFTC, said: “the ON.DXB is a perfect chance to discover what it offers Dubai, the region and the world in the fields of media, it has turned Dubai into a favorite destination for film production world, and a destination to produce many films and programmes and interactive content and advertisements thanks to the many articles that enjoyed by the emirate, including the legislative environment stimulating creativity, innovation and ease of doing business”.

He added: “lets ON.DXB watch a variety of experiences in the field of production of content, especially Arabic content, which opens up significant growth opportunities, and to identify best practices and enablers supporting the growth and development process of content production, and research in the areas of development both in terms of the regulatory environment and legislation which are essential pillars to support upgrading areas of media and creativity with the participation of all components of the media sector. It also enhances the ability of content makers and media people in the region to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments and contributes to the advancement of future media content and the local and regional levels to advanced levels of excellence and global competitiveness”

The regional forum for content development and new media at Dubai Studio City, so take advantage of the advanced infrastructure available in studios and theaters equipped with the latest audio and video technologies, where he contributed to the city since its inception in the industry support the production of content in all its forms, managed to build a strong network of relations of cooperation with the largest actors of film and television production and digital in the world. Will also include the agenda of the festival is a series of interactive activities of living such as musical performances and visual displays release Electronic Games new and to review the modern techniques used in the production of movies, videos, music, and the development of electronic games and others.

As a prelude to the launch of the festival, the organizing committee will establish a range of activities, tariff, aimed at involving the creative industries in Dubai and the region as a whole, and to promote the attendance and participation of these actors in the festival, which is organized by the company “Informa markets” world.

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