FIFA confirms use of video technology VAR in the 2018 World Cup

Announced the President of the International Federation of football Swiss Jian infection of endorsing the utilization of video technology VAR in the arbitration during the upcoming World Cup to be held in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018.

Confirmed infection that this tournament will be the first time you use the video to help the referees in the 4 decisions only is the registration target, and calculating a penalty, the card is red direct expulsion, and to make sure the identity of the player the situation on the yellow card.

He added that the adoption of this technology will bring more transparency to football with the assertion that the use of this technique will take only one minute for each case and the loss of minutes is not worth to correct the mistakes and of course this will reduce the possibility of the return of any product to my depressing because the wrong decision of a judge.




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