Filing a lawsuit against Apple because of the payment service Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Given the size and resources of Apple, it is no wonder to be the occasional target of lawsuits from what is known as ” hunters of patents ” to try and get some kind of financial settlement. For the latest lawsuit has been filed against Apple due to the payment service via mobile devices Apple Pay.

According to a new report released recently from the website Patently Apple, states the lawsuit says : ” the patent management of virtual cards stored on mobile devices and for the provision of a card without notice in the mobile device using the mobile wallet application “. And my company Fintiv that Apple had violated the patent own and use in all iOS devices that support payment service Apple Pay.

It remains to be seen whether the company Fintiv will be in asserting her claims to the court or not, but as we said earlier, this is not the first time that you use a patent vaguely against such large companies. And for those who know that, usually, companies specialized in the war of patents purchased patents from other companies or apply for a variety of patents a vague and use them later against other companies on the grounds that it violated those patents.

Most often, these lawsuits kind of types of registry where it is usually much faster and cheaper than the settlement proposed by the court after a very long period of litigation.

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