Filmmaker puts camera iPhone 11 Pro under test in 4K movie in Tokyo

Before version iPhone 11 Pro on Friday, he traveled filmmaker Andy To to Tokyo to put the camera triple lens the new under test. The result is a cinematic look beautiful in 4K around the city of Tokyo.

The video presents the story of the visual for his trip to Japan, where he pointed out this source that he went to Tokyo with the iPhone 11 Pro to experience its camera. The video was filmed without any help from the lens of external, or even any imaging apps third-party – only primary camera on the phone, as said edited video using the Application Final Cut Pro X on a Mac.

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The video shows quick scenes of different environments which has been captured with a camera phone three. And out of the scenes between the lighting bright and colorful to the low lighting.

The iPhone 11 Pro many improvements to the camera with a new group of three of the lenses on the back. It is also capable of running 4K video at 60 FPS, quite similar to the iPhone XS, but there is now support the scope, wide dynamic range, which improves the color and contrast.

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