Filter face of “Snapchat” is becoming the book also

A new feature of Snapchat, will not benefit the ordinary user that the unit, but also the earliest animals to his heart, where he issued the famous app special filter-to-face human friend the best of dogs, in a very exciting experience seem to like it a lot.

Filter Face book

فلتر الوجه من "سناب شات" أصبح للكلاب أيضا

At the time owned by the normal user to apply the Snapchat famous, the opportunity to add a nose or tongue, the floor to the face of the human in the video footage funny, it was the turn now for the exchange of roles, where the lovers can Snapchat, to take a photo for their dogs to pet too, after that they are provided with for medical or butterflies on their noses!

Issued a Snapchat filter having a dog, which allows from now on to modify the image the normal user as well as his trusty dog, so with the release of the lens was ripe for it online since the 24th of December, more than a fun photography by phone, with the animals you meet.

The floor after the Cats

فلتر الوجه من "سناب شات" أصبح للكلاب أيضا

No that is the first time, which it seeks through Snapchat, to satisfy the user as well as his favorite animal, where it has already issued the application the same service, but to be applied with the train, since last October, what looks like success that the property may push Snapchat to pay attention to the dog lovers who demanded the same thing.

It is worth mentioning that the number of assigned this task funny, dedicated only to the presence of the dog, so they are fully equipped at the face of the dog, wherever it was, to add to it either prescription glasses, exquisite appearance, or little butterflies on the nose, or even a circular piece of the pizza to improve his little face, waiting to add Snapchat more shapes the tariff, which can be blended with pet, primarily dogs and cats also, during the next period.

Was Snapchat, which is one of the more social applications famous in the Arab Gulf States, has added a lot of other features that impressed users, during the past few months and years, among them the feature links attached, as well as the famous property, which can denote both a user on the places and friends, to become the feature filters animals the latest of such creations.

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