Filters the Eid al-Adha stickers were on snapchat

Put the snapchat range of Exclusive, brand-new tools inspired as filters of Eid al-Adha contain coming. Where it will be available to users during the days of Eid al-Adha.

Will allow users of snapchat in the region express the joy of their work across decorating their shots wide range of stickers and filters of Eid al-Adha expressing the atmosphere of Eid al-Adha including the filter of Bitmoji filter animated. As it will appear to users of the app the lens of the Lumia fencing work see the ambience of feast and exchange blessed with friends and relatives.

فلاتر عيد الأضحى 01
فلاتر عيد الأضحى 02
فلاتر عيد الأضحى 03
فلاتر عيد الأضحى 04
فلاتر عيد الأضحى 05

Not only did the content of the feast in snapchat here only when the pressure on the Bitmoji your in the Snap Map you will get the atmosphere of the maps to become expressive about the atmosphere of the feast the night punctuated by the crescent moon and stars.

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When you approach a friend or more, then the Bitmoji your he shares the food with others. And finally there will be the story of on the list of Our Story where will your users snapchat holiday celebrations around the world.

Recall that has been providing a number of templates and filters of Eid al-Adha and on the website for the application, and the application of the Lens Studio own design lenses to be the opening band for users of snapchat to design their creations their own.

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