Finally a game of adventures and puzzles The Eyes of Ara is now available on Android

أخيرًا لعبة المغامرات والألغاز The Eyes of Ara متاحة الآن على أندرويد

In 2016, it was first impressions for the game The Eyes of Ara on the computers, and the game title of “best independent game of the year”, after that we saw on the operating system iOS, specifically in June of last year, and now makes the game way to store Android Google Play.

From first glance, you will notice that the graphics trade video accompanying a very amazing, not to mention the puzzles, where you will find different types of them, like the game of The Room or Myst, this might be a tricky puzzles, and it seems that there is no hint system in the game, there is also a story listed, but is listed through scraps of information and details visible, so don’t expect the experience of the narrative.

Therefore the focus of the game The Eyes of Ara on the fun and exceptional graphics mysteries difficult, finally unfortunately the game is not free, they are available for download at the price of 4.99$, that do not include any ads or any internal purchases.

Download game The Eyes of Ara from here.

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