Finally browser Vivaldi the security and attendants customizable up Android users

In 2016 launched the former CEO of Opera browser Vivaldi for the desktop, whether on Windows or Mac or Linux.

With this browser, the team in charge in the renewal of the concept of browsers and delivered to all tastes by integrating them into characteristics never explain what that’s done to her.

أخيرًا متصفّح Vivaldi الأمني والقابل للتخصيص يصل مستخدمي أندرويدFinally browser Vivaldi the security and attendants customizable up Android users

Now officially, it was available browser Vivaldi on the Google Play Store, so can Android users utilize them a lot, you will come with us to exchange.

Before I proceed to the mention of these advantages, we noted that this release is still in beta, but pretty much.

Anyway, this demo version the full features and existing on the browser in the desktop without any deficiency in them.

As for its features, it contains all the possible states that could expect and more. For example, there is support for multi tabs, sync bookmarks and passwords with encryption, the full “end to end”.

أخيرًا متصفّح Vivaldi الأمني والقابل للتخصيص يصل مستخدمي أندرويد

As well as his support for hidden feature, and Speed Dials to turn, will provide a way to quickly access to bookmarks and organize them.

And most importantly, to browser Opera focuses on security and privacy, and so what we found is really through the support of his full consultation, failure to collect data of the users.

As there are also some features not usual like the notes tool built-in that are synced between your devices, and the ability to switch search engines during development and the option of a screenshot “screen shot” of the Web page for the whole or part of the page.

And if we talk about customization, the Vivaldi customizable than any other browser. Whether it’s through the options available to modify the appearance or the inclusion of other features such as syncing your lights smart accessories or RBG with your website colors currently browsing the more.

And in the form of points brief you all the features of the browser Vivaldi :

أخيرًا متصفّح Vivaldi الأمني والقابل للتخصيص يصل مستخدمي أندرويدFinally browser Vivaldi the security and attendants customizable up Android users

  • Encryption synchronization.
  • Filming the screen.
  • Tests the speed dial for the favorite.
  • Private tabs.
  • The Bookmark Manager.
  • Pages locked by few.
  • Reader mode.
  • Clone tab.
  • The Downloads manager.
  • And much more.

Finally, we the recommend that you experience browser Vivaldi and giving of your time, to call here Android 5.0 the latest.

Download browser Opera on Android

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