Finally, Facebook Messenger gets a complete renovation

أخيرا.. فيسبوك ماسنجر يحصل على تجديد كامل

With the new update to apply the messenger, it seems that the company Facebook giant finally heard the complaints of users and decided to change the app interface completely redesigned the interface to become more additional in the places that don’t annoy the user all the time, and the app becomes lighter times cleaner finally.

The biggest disadvantages of the application of Facebook Messenger since the beginning of its being heavy, despite the fact that this an undeniable fact however that what he did to Facebook during the financial period did not only make it heavier and heavier downloaded more additions such as games وBots to automatic and the advantages of Defense and others to become the app heavier it becomes in complicated times filled with things that you don’t need quite a lot of times, maybe always.

During recent years appeared more than a section in the application Messenger of Facebook, appeared the Department groups section, search suggestions and more to become beyond the word can describe the app is “simple”. Also feature Day during the recent period, which the Picture Show with friends at the top of the application mandatory, increased noise which disturbs the user as soon as you open the app.

With reference to the history of the famous app in the beginning, weren’t talks of Facebook included in a separate application, where it was a regular part of the Facebook application Basic until I decided to Facebook separate application in full to be opening on behalf of the Messenger without even the Facebook name in 2014.

And every time they show opportunities for you to take the idea of.Another application the company did not hesitate. When the spread feature Stories took to her Facebook on behalf of the Days when I put the application We chat Chinese private talks means the payment did not subside even Facebook and put the same water in the application and other advantages.

Application Messenger new it is possible to produce it through the next few hours, and a copy of the house for a while and her experience. Adopted Facebook in a decision to streamline the application on the opinions of users where when I asked Facebook during the opinion poll about the most important feature in the messaging app then choose 70% of the voters simple as the most important feature.

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