Finally Maps Google get feature “development to the speed limit”

أخيرًا خرائط قوقل تحصل على ميزة "التنبيه بالحد الأقصى للسرعة"

If you are a user of Maps, Waze it is sure that you know the feature “development to the speed limit”, this feature is very was required heavily on the service Google Maps, in the same time is a key element in Waze years ago, but today it changed, where this feature is finally available on Google Maps.

Let’s see the data, this feature appeared on Google Maps in 2017 in limited areas, therefore with this all of which also half of it in the border, we know that the water is ready to launch to a wider audience.

أخيرًا خرائط قوقل تحصل على ميزة "التنبيه بالحد الأقصى للسرعة"

From another side despite the fact that Waze has acquired Google earlier, except that the company is trying to chapter between the two services, so that the Waze focus on driving, the Google Maps freeze a lot of things on her head and the areas on foot.

Finally, this feature as we have previously limited all they are currently available in some areas in the United States, since it is server-side, you may have to wait until you get and it is advisable to always download the latest version of the app.

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