Finally Siri supports Spotify via iOS 13

Finally users will be able to music streaming service Spotify to play any song, album, or playlist within the voice assistant Siri through iOS 13.1.

Sent a Spotify the new test version of the application supports playback of content from Siri directly. Simply open Siri and ask them to play any song you want from Spotify will be opened within the player songs built-in Siri without having to open the application Spotify itself.

Previously, the Apple TV supports such things through her music only, but now Spotify has become able to support and work within Siri also.

It is worth noting that this feature does not work with the Apple Watch, which has a different version of Spotify.

If you have headphones AirPods you can also summon Siri to include any song from Spotify will be as usual.

Still water-under-test and appeared some problems such as its inability to Run podcast episode certain it says searching, but is expected to soon hit the users to their final form by updating the official version.

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