Finally, Spotify launches application by the official on the platform Wear OS

Will provide application Spotify for Wear OS sometime this week and you can download it on your smart watch.

Since Google launched its operating system to its own devices wearables like Android Wear 4 years ago and the application of Spotify is considered one of the most prominent applications that I’ve always wanted to users by providing on a smart watch.

According to published site Android Authority , the new app allows the user to turn on and off musical tracks temporarily and one of the tracks and return to the previous track, besides adding new songs to playlists and browse songs and playlists from within the app directly.

But not known yet if the application of Spotify for Wear OS allows the user to export the music to the Chromecast or download music to an hour its smart to listen to it later without a connection.

Do you own a smart watch and want to get this app?

Blog finally .. Spotify launches application by the official on the platform of the Wear OS has been published first in are.

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