Finally the application Google Calendar conveys events between calendars

Now lets apply the Google Calendar of transfer events between calendars for Android users.

أخيرًا تطبيق تقويم جوجل ينقل الأحداث بين التقويماتFinally the application Google Calendar transports the events between the calendars

He was always delayed application of the Google Calendar on the Android system from his site, however, has necessitated the application of a lot of the advantages that were available to exclusively serve the site, especially when Google made a copy of the events and their recurrence, however, there was an important feature missing in the app, and pass events from calendar to another, now this feature is available for Android users, which make it an order scheduling an appointment on the phone very easy.

From his side, this feature provided by the Google server-side, so it’s up gradually to Android users, anyway with regard to usability, and while you can copy and repeat event by clicking on them and to list three points at the top, you will need to enter the editing interface to move it to another calendar, once published this option for you, it should appear a new option beneath the title of the material there, which allows you to reset.

Simply click on the event and then a modifier button down to the middle of the calendar under the heading, and then choose a place to move the event, and finally if it wasn’t the middle of the calendar available to you even now, you can try out the calendar app and clear its cache, or simply download the latest version of the app with the APK from here, and in the case of non-appearance of water you have to wait other days.


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