Finally, the application of WhatsApp allows to send posters

أخيرًا؛ تطبيق واتساب يسمح بإرسال الملصقات

After a long time of waiting, announced the WhatsApp that the feature to send stickers got applied to the smart phone similar to other messaging apps like Telegram, to be this feature is a continuation to add the emoji “image” and animation.

The company has added a number of posters developed specifically for designers of the company, has also provided the opportunity for photographers the others the participation of their business in order for you to get a greater number of posters forms a variety.

واتساب يسمح بإرسال الملصقات

The company is also allowed to add stickers and third-party applications, which means that any developer or designer can add the poster of his cross-application user interface API, but this requires the developer to publish an app on the Apple store parking the plate can then any user that has installed the app on his phone, make use of package stickers and Share on WhatsApp easy.

It is worth mentioning that the update is sending posters in the way it gradually to users over the coming weeks, so the time of arrival to users of Android and iOS will be different.

Blog finally; application of WhatsApp allows to send posters appeared first on the tech world.

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