Finally the game Alto’s Odyssey is now available for pre-order in the store Google Play

أخيرًا لعبة Alto's Odyssey متاحة الآن للطلب المُسبق في متجر قوقل بلاي

By about four months from now, the company announced the Snowman is announcing the launch of the new generation of game Alto’s Odyssey on iOS, and in that time it was the Android users are waiting patiently the official release of the game, to introduce the official account of the game of on Twitter that the game is finally available for pre-registration on the store Google Play, although the official release will be sometime in the next month “July”.

In relation to the idea of the game and method of playing it, it looks like Is the case with the game Alto’s Adventure “original version” which is not the end of it with ice, just changes the existence of new locations, and a mix of sophisticated makes things way more exciting play, will be Your task in the implementation tricks to achieve the objectives of full so you can unlock new characters, as well as having visual and sound effects amazing.

Finally in respect of the cost of the game, there is no word about this, as some pointed that the game will be available for free download with the presence of the elements of the internal force the user to buy them, and not, as is the case on iOS, where available for purchase once the price of 5$.

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