Finally, WhatsApp on Android adds the feature of call waiting

Ask the company WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, a new update for their application on the Android system brings them the advantage of waiting for the call, but the update did not include the water accompanying the suspension of the call, so that when the user speaks on the phone and get someone else to call, most phones and operators know that the user has a call on hold.

It is recalled that there is a very small number of VoIP services VOIP calling feature Call Waiting, and wasn’t WhatsApp only between them, since when someone was trying to contact the previous user on WhatsApp during a user call on the phone, the caller hear the ringing without the need of the user, then the connection is disconnected it.

As there was no way when the user know that there is a call via WhatsApp when he spoke on the phone, and all I get is a notice of the existence of a missed call when you’re finished the place of his original, and then added WhatsApp notice of young callers tell them that the recipient already exists in another call, but this notice wasn’t helpful to the user or the company the caller.

But things have different now, as in the case the user received a second call during a conversation with someone, the phone will ring and a notification, and can then either reject this second call and the first call or end current call and accept the incoming call.

But have in mind that pressing the green button of the call contained the second means to terminate the active call immediately adopting the person talking to the user that he ended the call without warning, currently there is no option to route the calls, so can’t make the caller waiting until the user exits one of the two calls.

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This available feature is call waiting within the women 2.19.352 or later of the application WhatsApp to the Android system, and women 2.19.128 or later of the application WhatsApp Business WhatsApp Business Android

Recall that the new update is to develop messaging that includes new privacy settings to control who can add the user to groups, along with bring the feature to open the app via fingerprint, and repair a problem causing the fast battery drain on some devices.

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