Financial rewards for finding errors in the Play Store

Easy to Google for researchers in the field of security and get paid for finding mistakes in the Play Store by increasing the scope of the rewards program security from Google Play (GPSRP), to include all the apps in the store with 100 million installs or more, the company launched the search giant is also a new program in conjunction with HackerOne called the rewards program to protect data developer (DDPRP), with the aim of finding violations data in Android applications projects and OAuth extensions Chrome, since the launch of the rewards program mistakes in 2010, paid Google already Researchers security more than $ 15 million.

How to detect the gaps in the Play Store

مكافآت مالية مقابل العثور على الأخطاء في متجر PlayFinancial rewards for finding errors in the Play Store

Has paid GPSRP already more than 256 thousand dollars of the house until now. By adding Android apps common to the program, make the company eligible for bonuses regardless of whether the app developers have software to detect security holes of their own or software bug detection, in exchange for payment of bonus mistakes will use Google’s data to security vulnerabilities collected by researchers in the area of security to help create checks automatically scan all the apps in the Play Store search for security flaws similar.

Be notified developers who contain their apps on the errors through the console in the Play, they will visit their program to improve the security of applications (ASI) information about the vulnerability and how to fix them.

Back in February revealed Google that ASI has already helped more than 300 thousand developers to fix more than a million apps on the Google Play Store.

Launched Google also DDPRP to improve the problem of the misuse of the data and its in the Android apps and projects OAuth extensions Chrome, instead of finding security vulnerabilities, and will reward this program, security researchers who find apps that violate the policies of Google Play or the Google API or the Chrome Web Store, Extensions, and reporting.

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