Find out some of the apps on the iOS platform are sending a lot of user data to Facebook

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When you use the application, you may have certain expectations when it comes to privacy. Unfortunately, we have released a new report from the Wall Street Journal of America indicates that there are many apps in the iTunes store the App Store that send users ‘ data to Facebook.

Now you might think that these applications send data to Facebook because I use Facebook to log in to it, but this is not always the case. The report found that the application set sending data to Facebook even when you don’t use Facebook to log in to the app, even when the user is not using Facebook at all.

The interesting thing is that the policy of the Apple TV currently does not require developers to disclose all partners who share data with them, which means that these applications have the right to share data with Facebook. However, when the query Apple about this, a spokesman of the company said : ” when we hear about any developer violates the terms of the strict privacy guidelines, we are talking of it quickly, and if necessary, take immediate action “.

In the former, were found on the Facebook application distribution paid by its users to share their data with the company. In this particular case, it looked like abuse of the ability of Facebook to distribute apps internally which prompted Apple to suspend the privileges granted by Facebook temporarily. It’s unclear whether Apple would take action against these applications, but you may want to check out the report Wall Street Journal us to address some of these apps that violate users ‘ privacy and if you use any of them.

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