Find out the best PlayStation 4 games of 2020

The PlayStation 4 enjoys a very wide popularity and a lot of games suitable for it are released periodically, almost every year a huge number of powerful games that support the PlayStation 4 are launched because as everyone knows, this system does not come with many games with it and therefore if you want to try games New and powerful, you need to acquire it from now, and this, God willing, is what we will talk about in this article, where we will review together a group of the best PlayStation 4 games that were recently launched.

The best PlayStation 4 games of the moment:

1. Control PS4

Check out the best PlayStation 4 games of 2020

Control is one of the most popular PlayStation 4 games out there at the moment and has achieved good sales on the sites. The shooter in this game relies on a mixture of Quantum Break of traditional battles and superpowers, but what distinguishes this game from other fighting games is that it comes in a more interesting environment It is the Federal Office of Control, and your job in the game is to uncover the mystery surrounding your brother's disappearance and defeat the strange enemies that you encounter. Of course, this will only happen with the right capabilities and knowledge of the shape-shifting service weapon, the price of the game on Amazon is $ 39.92.

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2. Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5

This game is a continuation of the game that was released more than a decade ago, where the fighting is revived with the power of the impressive RE engine, which is also used in the game Resident Evil 2, but in this game there are three heroes who use very different fighting styles, and the game mainly depends on fighting with strange monsters, The advantage of the game is that it contains a sense of humor and also contains some old weapons that are relied upon, such as swords, shields, and others, the price of this game is about $ 28.99.

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3. The Phantom Pain

Check out the best PlayStation 4 games of 2020

This is indeed one of the best PlayStation 4 games currently available and has won near international acclaim and has achieved more than great sales thanks to the meticulously designed gameplay that allows players to complete missions in limitless ways while recruiting and building an army of mercenaries, the main idea of the game is to establish an army of mercenaries. Mercenaries to use in the war against mysterious blades, this amazing game on Amazon is priced at $ 20.99.

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4. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

We are now moving to the best-selling game that many of them have heard about, namely GTA, where there are mini versions of them on the Windows system, this version that we have is the latest version and has been greatly developed to be more realistic and the game has been enhanced in terms of visual matters as well as adding many songs to Radio stations within the game, and also allow PlayStation 3 players to download their previous characters in the game, the price of purchasing this game is about $ 4.70.

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5. Nier Automata

Check out the best PlayStation 4 games of 2020

The founder of the game Taro has partnered with Platinum Games to create a game with elegant movement, double shooting, smart transformations and high graphics. Indeed, for the first time, Taro presented an attractive game to play as it is to watch as it features one of the best narration stories and endings in the middle of the entire games, the game also A very strong fighting game and contains many different weapons, the game has more than great reviews on the Amazon website and its price is $ 39.68.

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6. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

This game came as a result of decades of experience in development, as it is considered one of the best PlayStation 4 games since its release and is always talked about in the lists of the best games and therefore it was necessary to address it in this article, the idea of the game in short revolves around exploring the open world and finding things You've never seen it before, whether these things are a new species of animal to hunt or a strange killing scene to investigate and so on, the game costs $ 42.79.

To buy the game through Amazon: this link

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