Find out vehicle Curiosity to the levels of methane on Mars raises hopes in life


I’ve been visualizing a lot about the possibility of living on Mars. Still depends on the robot that was sent there to send the data that determine conclusively that there is life on Mars at any time since the inception of this planet. However, the recent discovery of methane has alluded to the possibility of the existence of life on the Red Planet.

Detect Android Curiosity space agency NASA for the presence of certain levels of methane, at least according to the New York Times. Methane is a gas that provides a Its active organic, so this may indicate the presence of some activity.

However, the quantities are very small, they stand on the limits of 21 ppm test, but is appropriate to mention here that this represents three times the quantity observed by Curiosity during the year 2013. Was surprised by this discovery, the staff on the compound Curiosity enough to put their studies scheduled to collect data and follow up levels of methane. It is not clear what are the things that lead to the production of methane on Mars.

Many are hoping that this will lead to the discovery of microbial life recent or current. However, this can be caused by the interactions of heat energy internal to the planet or methane since prehistoric times and its exit to the surface. It will require the in-depth study of additional data to learn the meaning of these readings recent methane on Mars.


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