Find the Add-ons malicious browser Google Chrome more than half a million download

قوقل كروم إضافات

قوقل كروم إضافات

Found researchers from the company, ICEBRG on the malicious software on four add-ons for the browser Google Chrome has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times, which is extras the Google remove them immediately.

Monitoring company presence of abnormal activity in the network when using Add-ons is Change HTTP Request Header, the وNyoogle, the وStickies, and finally Lite Bookmarks, since those plugins to exchange data with external servers without the user’s knowledge.

According to police analysis, the What is done in secret is visit some of the sponsored links to increase the number of impressions of those ads, without the presence of malicious activity hurts the user. However, experience on user activity as long as they experience requests with the other servers don’t know the user.

Said Google removed the plugins immediately from the store immediately upon discovery. Here it should be noted that it is not the first time been found in extras request malware in secret, except that the company seeks to immediately protect the user take the necessary security measures.

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