Find VPN apps malicious on the Play Store .. Google is removing

It seems that the Google “Play Store” problems with malware, despite the great efforts being made by the police to curb malicious applications, still these apps dominate the App Store.

According to the site thenextweb, the Dutch, found independent security researcher in New Zealand, “Andy Michael” 4 Apps for Android a VPN with downloads cumulative for more than 500 million downloads, which displays ads not only during the application is running in the background, but also displays advertisements in general including the Home screen.

The report noted that the application of knowledge is Hotspot VPN free VPN Master and Secure VPN and Security Master, it should be noted that all these applications come from Hong Kong and China, where citizens are usually on a VPN to overcome the barrier of the Great Firewall.

And still these apps exist on the Google Store so far, but the report suggests that developers such as these applications are increasingly relying on users ‘ trust in applications relating to security to commit “fraud advertising”.

And apps are ad-supported nothing new, it has proven to be a viable alternative to the requirements and operations of the one-time purchase, but to show ads while the app is running in the background can lead to a large use of the resources of the device such as battery and CPU.

For its part, the company promised to Google for investigation with these applications, and remove them in case if make sure don’t they say already that the offending behavior to the rules of her store.

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