Fine 560 thousand Real a man made code GTA

Confirmation that cheat in games are not just plain wrong it is to fight it legally, Where will “Johnny Perez” section in the U.S. State of Florida to pay the amount of 560 thousand riyals to the game makers of GTA V to create and sell software and blades cheat in the popular game, has created a program called Elusive allowing it to control the game in his favor and sell them online compared to 30 to 100 SR.

Recall that some of the Blades creates an environment that is fair for online players, and this hurt the reputation of the game, where players can who use Elusive to be born an infinite amount of coins within the game, which reduces the ability of the developer to sell their digital players, as the program creates advantages and new elements in the game can be used to inflict damage on the players of the arteries.

The court has sentenced Perez to pay the fine mentioned above, due to violation of copyright and breach of contract and training, this is the maximum fines allowable under the law.

It is worth mentioning that in October 2018, the company introduced the Epic, which plagued the forest, a complaint about the copyright against two of the alter believed to be responsible for selling a variety of adjustment programmes on the Internet games are common including free the V GTA and others.

It has also been awarded Nintendo a provision of $ 46 million riyals against a couple of state of Arizona created a website called download the games for FREE such as Super Mario world, where they obtained more than 17 million unique visitors a month thanks to it.

Source: Torrent Freak

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