Fined Apple $ 837 million for violating patents the California Institute of

The jury recognizes the violation of Apple patents, the California Institute for development and impose a fine of $ 837 million, against us, and 270 million against Broadcom.

تغريم آبل 837 مليون دولار لانتهاك براءات اختراع معهد كاليفورنيا للتقنية مع Broadcom

After about 4 years of lifting the California Institute for development “California Institute of Technology” a case against the company Broadcom Apple of violating patents through the WiFi, the jury of the existence of pay two companies nearly $ 1.1 million as damages in favour of the Institute.

Will Apple Pay 837 million dollars of the value of the building, will Broadcom to pay the residual value of which is estimated at $ 270 million.

These fines due to the use of two companies for WiFi wireless network (802.11 n and 801.11 ac) in the chip contact of the user in the Apple devices.

Where the student representatives Institute of California to pay Apple $ 1.40 A and to pay Broadcom the $ 0.26 USD for each device to use their technology.

Had Apple might use the chip the WiFi which used the techniques of the California Institute in its various organs, a chip developed with Broadcom, which manufactures also. So, the usual mode of these things is to get a license from the patent holder to use the business in return for a specific article or via revenue from each device sold that uses the technology, which were not made by the two companies.

According to the website The Verge, the Apple TV will appeal the judgment, but at the same time I didn’t talk about any other details.

Referred to the two companies in love the two have signed a deal worth $ 15 million dollars days ago.


The Verge

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