Fined Samsung and Apple due to the “slowness” of their organs

تغريم سامسونج وأبل بسبب "بطء" أجهزتهما

If you don’t believe that some of the companies major smartphone related version updates level phones to drive users to buy new phones, then maybe you’ll believe now. An Italian court decided fined Apple and Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of smart phones in the world millions of dollars yet to be proven issued to phones the older become slower to push users to buy newer phones to identify these companies greater profits. And Samsung 5 million euros while incurring Apple’s 10 million euros in this case.

Investigation in the matter had been looked at previously by the competition authority in Italy which prove, according to what was accessible to her now that my company Samsung and Apple they trick users to limit their description after clarifying the impact of the updates on the phones.

According to the investigation, Samsung has released the update for the Galaxy Note 4 measures the operating system the latest but the result was that the phone became slower to the detriment of the user. Apple is also on the other side issued an update for the iPhone 6 which offers a new operating system is the same that works the phone the latest iPhone 7 which is what led to the fact that the phone has become slower.

And the penalty for the two companies of 5 million euros which is the maximum sentence where he was fined Apple € 5 million extra for such clarification of the characteristics of the lithium battery and not the age has since the beginning which is the rationale that she gave him the Apple after it fell in trouble to reduce the age of the battery older phones to push users to buy new phones as Apple said then she was trying to statement users to improve phones by information advantages of the new battery and clarify the old default.

The investigation began after more than a complaint from users of Italian, phones of Apple and Samsung stand case that ended this government.

Implemented Samsung to be no sign of it where he said a spokesman for the company that the company regrets this decision and that Samsung has not released any update for the Galaxy Note 4 reduces the performance of the phone but rather the opposite.

The Apple has faced a fierce attack for months after I suffered the users of the slowness of their phones after the update to Apple after the revolution that was about to confront her and she says she’s understated performance has already deliberately in order to keep the card users and phones older than to stop work just to update a number of advantages for in battery life and Display-life to avoid the crisis that will face.

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