Fined Samsung and Apple in Italy due to send updates to slow down users ‘ computers

تغريم سامسونج وآبل في ايطاليا بسبب ارسال تحديثات لإبطاء أجهزة المستخدمين

Conducted anti-monopoly body of the Italian in January last check two separate stand on the issue of updates of the software for both phones Samsung and Apple, and its role in slowing the impact on the performance of the phones of the users of the version that was released before it, and whether this process is deliberate by the two companies; to become the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) yesterday issued fines to both companies for violating laws protecting the rights of the consumer.

And the body Italian the amount of 5 million euros to Apple about the problems software damaged phones users for iPhone 6 at the time of the launch of UPDATE 10 iOS, which launched then iPhone 7, where the reason for the iPhone than older versions exist of the stop due to the fact that it needs more power to run and gave the top of the phone, the company said the launch of iOS 10.2.1 to resolve this problem; but without clarification to users about the fact that this version is undermining the work of the central processor, which leads to slower performance of the phone in order to conserve battery and avoid the problem of the abrupt end, by a further fine of 5 million euros, Because she did not give information about the capabilities of the battery its phones to users, to change the outcome 11.2 billion in both cases.

The women to buy the Samsung-The its share of similar issues updates to the software shall be fined 5 million euros, about updated Marshmallow 6.0.1, which was launched with her phone, Note 7, where the mentioned report of the commission for causing Marshmallow damage and a number of code problems in the organs of the Note 4 at his inauguration, to the delight to the users pay financial costs to fix it from the impact of the update, in the time in which it emphasized the authority of the Italian on the fact that Samsung did not inform their customers of this problem which is considered by the dilemma itself being Samsung didn’t feel the users.

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