Fined the Association of international Spanish 250 thousand euros to exploit the official app by tapping on the public

تغريم رابطة الدوري الإسباني 250 ألف يورو لاستغلال التطبيق الرسمي بالتنصت على الجمهور

When the European Union announced about the updates to the law of transparency and consumer protection in the last year, is forcing many technical companies to clarify all the details to the users, and Google Time is the main company in this fact, which has placed all the details about apps and what to hide.

At that time, it showed updates that the application of the Association of Spanish Football League gets the permissions of the users without the clarification of the geographical location and access to the microphone, after it has been proven to provide comfort to users of the app through the microphone in order to access any information about piracy of games the Spanish league, namely Real Madrid and Barcelona, and then to determine the geographical location of the museum.

But then, the court ordered the closure of the application on 30 June last year after the start of the case on June 12, however, the final determination of the judges arrived today fined a salary of 250 thousand euros.

According to published by El País, the Association of Spanish league expressed disappointment at the decision, according to the spokesman announced the filing of an appeal of the decision, but at the same time it will remove the advantage of access to the microphone anyway, the end of the month.

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