Finland is competing with China and the United States in the race to 5G

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فنلندا تنافس الصين والولايات المتحدة في سباق 5G

Try Finland compete with China andthe United States in the race to networks fifth generation 5G, where she assisted this technique is promising in high shares of the telecommunications company Finnish Nokia by about 30 percent in 2018, although the stock is still trading value is much lower than the levels during the dot-com boom in the United States during the year 2000, when Nokia was the largest vendor of mobile phones in the world, but that Nokia is gaining momentum in the market of mobile communication as a major player in the manufacture of equipment and software 5G.

Efforts have helped the company in putting Finland on the map in the global race to develop and apply the technology of fifth-generation wireless, said Tim there Tim Hatt, head of research at GSMA Intelligence: “Nokia is trying to regain part of its leadership role through 5G technology, after having lost this role to a large extent in the past 15 years through the era of the smartphone”.

The scenes 5G connection and faster response time less, reducing the time delay for the devices to communicate with each other and provide download speeds faster, and Nokia, the potential of 5G potential far beyond the speed download the top, where you know the company inside its headquarters in Finland, practical training in relation to the applications of 5G within a number of industries, including advanced manufacturing and health care.

The allowed time delay low the company’s self-driving cars to communicate almost instantaneously on the roads or the power connection for smart devices inside the home, said Laura Oksanen Lauri Oksanen, vice president of Nokia Corporation for research and technology, in an interview with CNN NBC CNBC in the month of December “I think that 5G is something you will affect the lives of everyone within a few years from now.”

Presumably to become Finland in the month of January of the first countries that will be launching 5G networks of trade through the telecommunications company of the Swedish Telia, which is one of three companies won the license to provide 5G networks business, where permits have been granted by the Finnish government in the month of October.

Jean Kestel Katainen Janne Koistinen, director of the program of 5G, the Finnish company Telia: “for us, you think 5G a complete platform for the use and analysis of data and use more effectively compared to what we’ve done in the past”, and Telia recently the largest Center for open data in Finland to accommodate the flow of data accompanying the implementation of 5G, as when you send data between a mobile phone to another, they pass through the cloud, which is made up of servers in data centers around the world.

Users may, through the establishment of data centers closer to the users of the mobile phones, take advantage of the time delay low 5G, where they receive data faster than ever before, and it worked Telia already with Nokia to test 5G in specific environments in all parts of Finland, said Jean Kestel said that the history of Finland in wireless technologies, along with support from the Finnish government, puts them in real competition with larger countries within the games 5G.

He explained to Jean that he was sure that Finland was able to keep up and compete against the United States and China, both of which require two to dominate the market for 5G, in relation to the network of the fifth generation in areas such as war and finding new ways to how to make use of this technology.

Increasingly, concern is high about the network security with the increasing talk loudly about 5G networks, they have banned Australia, New Zealand and Chinese company Huawei from the construction of 5G networks for fear of the possibility of facilitating the trade in China’s favor, as it prevented the company from selling equipment in the United States since 2012 due to security concerns by the US government, denied Huawei repeatedly these allegations.

Some analysts say the security concerns of the Chinese giant in relation to the network of the fifth generation constitute a valuable free gift to buy Nokia, the Finnish, as explained by analysts from Canaccord Genuity: “with the ban Huawei from some markets, we believe Nokia’s sole global supplier which offers a comprehensive solution, as evidenced by the mobile companies global leading choose Nokia as a partner deployments of 5G”.

Lore noted ocean if he understands the reason for the concern of governments and citizens on the fifth generation, adding that the company take every step possible to secure their equipment, from the radios to the routers to the programme, said: “We don’t win now people only, but to win the whole world, and we don’t want to fail the infrastructure due to some security issues”.

The gate Arab News Technical of Finland compete China and the United States in the race to 5G

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