FireEye: cyber security during the days of White Friday

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فاير آي: الأمن الإلكتروني خلال أيام الجمعة البيضاء

Think of the holiday season that is Christmas and Times e-shopping days Black Friday, known as White Friday in the Middle East, a critical period particularly for the retail sector and, therefore, the period of the possible to worsen the impact of cyber threats, where it can lead to disturbances in the operations of retail during this season the big to the harm the particular profit target as well as the reputation of the companies and their customers.

Sprinkle the Guinness one, a systems analyst of the consulting company FireEye FireEye that cyber threats are twofold, It is the perspective of the physical store, have the pressure high, as it may cause the size of the visitors in the loss of signals that indicate potential fraud, either from the perspective of the letter, we noted earlier that the cybercriminals launching attacks to disable or suspend the service, in addition to attempts of blackmail and ransom, due to the presence of hope in that retailers may be forced to pay the ransom money because it is one of the most important events of the year for the retail sector used to reduce downtime.

And often use retailers as a means of money laundering, where the task of the court to purchase gift cards from retailers using money they obtained illegally, and then resells the gift cards to these for profits in other markets or used to buy items from the retailers and re-sale of goods obtained through fraud.

It is called the council over the years to get the gift cards of retailers of major, in addition to individuals and groups in cyber crimes who provide money laundering services, which can be other offenders of the discharge of securities of the inventor, it is likely that the consumer clicks on the fraudulent emails, which contain “good deals” which is likely to lead to sites or malware designed to steal data and personal information and credit card details.

And needs the consumer to be extra cautious during the holiday season, where it is used cybercriminals events such as the White Friday as bait or as a tool to entice the consumer, the best advice is to follow records, credit card records, bank and buy goods only from retailers and brands registered and known.

The gate Arab News Technical FireEye: cyber security during the days of White Friday

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