FireEye published its forecast of the security for the 2019

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فاير آي تنشر توقعاتها الأمنية لعام 2019

Published company FireEye FireEye, a specialist in the field of security based on survey data and information, report by the special expectations of the security for the 2019 under the title “facing the future: e-security during the year 2019 and beyond”, the report benefited from the company FireEye expertise and experience to determine the features of the scenery e-security through 2019 and beyond.

Said Mohammed Abu Khater, vice president of FireEye for the Middle East and Africa: “it was 2018 a challenging year, and is not expected to turn things for the better in the year 2019. In addition, it will provide the attackers the Iranians to improve both of them, and even the emergence of a new group less able to support the government of Iran. Which will contribute to further growth of the volume and sophistication of attacks carried out by groups believed linked to Iran”.

He added, “earlier this year, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, and Dubai’s strategy for cyber security, an initiative designed to assist companies and individuals to create a safe internet, what would make the experience of e-security in Dubai a universal model”.

The dark side of social media

In the latter half of 2018, announced the “FireEye” from a wide network of operations information, that are supposed to be driven by the political interests of Iran, which included social media. With the upcoming elections in different parts of Europe, Middle East and Africa in 2019, the company expects that the availability of social media and its role as the key to assessing information operations led by foreign countries of strategic interests in a particular country or region. And vocational training either to promote a particular political party to become more friendly to the policies of certain foreign, or publish a novel context in order to undermine security and create unrest within the state.

Weighting of the high activity of the cyber-threat of Iran against U.S. entities

Experts predict the FireEye leadership of others, the threat of Iran known as the Pirates of the (Iranian-nexus s) to launch DDoS attack DDoS disrupted many banks of the United States of America resulting in the loss of millions of dollars, to resume the search in the networks of critical infrastructure in preparation for operations possible in the future following the exit of the United States of the Comprehensive Convention Relating to the nuclear program, it should be on all the institutions and the operators of services in the different sectors of critical infrastructure in the United States prepare to face groups, the threat of Iran which showed its focus on attacks and disruption by the destroyer.

Attacks on airlines and airports

Company has experienced fire for several years the exploitation of airline and service provider selling tickets, to sell tickets illegally to reap profits on the Internet dark, and given for customers trusting the airlines on a wide range of sensitive personal data, they were often the focus of attention of cybercriminals who seek to collect data for other types of fraud.

And discovered the devices, the FireEye sharp increase in the use of software ransomware malware to disable the services of cutting tickets and Operations Support Technical temporarily in the past two years, due to the fact that the travel of the business that is linked to adult status, the cybercriminals know seriously that they can blackmail the airline is unable to transport its passengers and get them to pay and quick to edit their system.

Impending attacks on critical infrastructure

Experts predict the FireEye that the world is witnessing a rise in threats target the core of the city critical infrastructure in the year 2019, due to the lack of most of these environments to the security strategy uniformly combining information technology and technology operations, will likely see the FireEye cyber attacks are causing to destroy or disable infrastructure elements of life.

The attackers also their attempts to direct technology network operations to confuse the business or request for a ransom for geopolitical reasons, as well as the desire to show what they have the ability, given the diversity of installations scattered across the continent and rising in number, then Europe is the main target of these attacks in 2019, are considered fair I that hacking groups will on the organization the very old which are difficult to manage from a security and criminal matters.

The use of techniques arising to evade detection

Experienced experts FireEye steady increase in the number of cybercriminals who believe the infrastructure of the cloud-based implementation of sophisticated attacks, it has been proven that throughout 2018, is expected in 2019 and beyond, the use of emerging technologies such as the “block Chi” and artificial intelligence to overcome the attacks, with the increasing number of electronic security products based on artificial intelligence that is used by institutions, and innovations offered by security companies to obtain products of new security based on artificial intelligence, will begin the attackers to adapt accordingly.

It is expected that next year the use of new techniques to evade existing solutions based on artificial intelligence, including threats that combine normal traffic and threats that provide misleading data to modify the models to machine learning.

The gate Arab News Technical FireEye published its forecast Security Act of 2019

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