Firefox 64 easy cleaning tabs and tells you the energy consumption for each tab


Mozilla has launched a new version of Firefox offers several advantages, including improved proposals and update Task Manager with the improvement in power consumption and several tabs and improving the scrolling experience on Android and other.

With Firefox 64 it offers a feature proposals are contextual in the sense that the browser proposes the advantages and add-ons based on how you use the web, this feature is currently available only in the United States as it maintains your privacy and does not work in incognito.

And anyone who opens many tabs with now there is a way to organize them better by pressing the ctrl button with the click of a mouse on several tabs related to each other to be grouped together, and you can talk to this group via the mute or move them or even add them to favorites. Of course there are dozens of plugins that helps to manage tabs, but Mozilla is now offering its own way to do it.

Finally with regard to the director task which can be accessed enter about:performance or from the section of Other, in the main menu will offer you the amount of energy consumed by each tab and Mozilla to improve the water more with the next version.

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