Firefox browser on Android got a huge update

Mozilla started today to launch the largest update for the Firefox browser on Android in its history, knowing that the browser has not received substantial updates for many years, and the new update offers a number of distinctive and attractive features.

The new update carries a completely new user interface from the night mode built into the application, in addition to the possibility of placing the navigation bar at the top or bottom as you wish, in addition to the Collections feature, which allows you to collect important sites and links related to each other in a manner similar to a folder.

firefox ui changes

In addition, the application still supports add-ons of course, but due to the huge shift between this version and previous versions, it no longer supports old add-ons, but instead provides the most important add-ons in a built-in format, the most important of which is ad blockers, of course.

The application also provides great protection and security settings, and prevents the sites that you access for your full use, which are features it has already provided on Windows for a very long time. Download the new update from here and give it a try.

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