Firefox gets a new update to plug the security hole for the second consecutive time during the days

Mozilla suffers from the security vulnerabilities on the browser by Firefox during the past few days.

موزيلا فايرفوكس يحصل على تحديث جديد لسد ثغرة أمنية للمرة الثانية على التوالي خلال أيام

The Mozilla Corporation three days before sending a new update to the browser by the famous Firefox to plug the security hole, the hackers have access to the rules of procedure for its users.

To Ball day strengthening by updating the last fill of a new vulnerability according to the site ZDNet, where was the use of gaps in the target company exchange the digital currency Bitcoin.

Provided gap first planting malicious code remotely with the staff of the company; whereas, it took a second to escape from the security measures in the browser.

The report pointed out that the process of piracy has been apparently by sending emails the possibility of employees, their conversion directly to designed to download and tracking tool to steal data automatically in case of add on Firefox by exploiting these vulnerabilities of the two.

It is indicated that the harmful products used by the inventors planted the devices work on the operating systems macOS and windows.

In there is a possibility of the arrival of Pirates to the different types of data through this process may have included passwords.

The report stated that the team Google to improve security, Project Zero has alerted the Mozilla vulnerability first in the browser in April.

But Mozilla didn’t do any preventive action, then continued to the gap the same until it was used in the targeting of Coinbase.

And yet how they knew where the attackers move my poor Firefox refine the mechanism to exploit it to execute the attack on the police, which did not stop to indications of being through its customers following the attack.

Need to update Firefox

On the whole it seems that all users of the browser now they need to update their copies to avoid them in the consequences of the process of hacking is similar.



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