Firefox gets updated raise its speed significantly

فايرفوكس 67 يُضيف أداة بحث ويُزيل ميزة Guest Session على أندرويد

Mozilla has launched a new version of the browser of their famous Firefox is a considerable improvement in speed of up to 80% with the improvement in the properties of the design hidden and deal with the engine graphics.

The new version bearing the number 67 and the speed is great in performance ranging from 40 to 80 percent compared to the performance of the browser by a year from now. Focused Mozilla speed up some things more than others such as the performance of the search engines at Google, Amazon and Instagram. Also, the autocomplete in the page won’t be loaded to add it to get what wasn’t there page the fact you need to Complete Auto for all its fields.

Will the Amazon of the way the page is active when you decrease the size of the memory available to the system for less than 400 MB, and thus improve the Performance tab of the multiple without the need for lots of memory randomization,

And anyone who has a lot of plugins and suffers from a slow boot browser the first time, this problem has been resolved now so that the browser bypasses a lot of unnecessary tasks during the boot operation for the first time in particular with respect to additions.

With the spread of mining on the users ‘ computers, now you can block scripts mining sites and use the energy of your therapist to get the digital currency.

During the design of the hidden-you can now select parts and certain elements within the web pages to block her and not her appearance and the subsequent analysis.

In computers that have a graphics card from Nvidia, and now Firefox uses WebRender a method of processing the special graphics from the company you are using the processor the graphics card instead of the main processor that offers better performance,

Finally, now Firefox supports the file format of the video dav1d which was developed in joint collaboration between Mozilla, Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

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