Firefox Lockbox: a new application to manage passwords on Android and iPhone

Try Mozilla to distinguish itself from its competitors by focusing on privacy and security after the submitted Service andapplication Firefox the Send to encrypt the content before trading it via a link, Apply Now application Firefox Lockbox password management on Android.

The application that manages the passwords, but compared with the competitors the application features and Mozilla easily the pressure; once you install the app says by automatic password registered browser Firefox, instead of entered manually, and you warrant to be entered properly to match those pre-recorded on the device.

After entering the password, you can login to any service and the location in the auto data if it is registered, you can access any data and copy them after the ratification of fingerprint or facial recognition; and data syncing with Firefox on the situation, what it means to save the password is once it is synchronized automatically across devices using the same account.

Application Firefox Lockbox available now Google Play, has arrived to iOS.

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