Firefox provides Firefox Monitor to protect users from hack

فايرفوكس توفر خدمة Firefox Monitor لحماية المستخدمين من الاختراق

User security and protection from falling into the traps of penetration depend of the priorities of the Firefox, in addition it has provided during the financial period and of the allocation procedures for tracking and modification work on the policy discretion of the user, provides the companies currently Mozilla service Firefox Monitor which is based on checking if the user’s personal data provided have been compromised via the hacked files and security flaws or not, to increase more safety this service provides the option to register through them to get advance warning in the event the user for any of the events of the hacked personal information similar.

Come to the new service from Mozilla, in partnership with site Protection examined the data of the users of the hack “Have I Been Pwned“, which iPad in this service in 2013, which will help in extending the base of the Mozilla browser by Firefox, and in such a way that in the case of the arrival of the illegal user data, will help significantly in maintaining the use of the word the secret to a good and varied for each service online review by the user, and thus access to one of those words doesn’t mean hacked all of his accounts on the network.

Earlier the Google updated their browser Google Chrome manager for passwords for the user on the same browser, to use his password in every account of his services and sponsored online, so don’t think Firefox is the only one that entered this council, where it is observed in the recent period the work of technical companies to solve the problems of passwords and Pay users to access their data safe.

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