First look at phones Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL

Several weeks ago, interfere a lot of rumors and leaks about the phones that Google associated with the pixels 3a and 3a XL, which seems to have appeared formally recently, however, the new registration does not give us really any new information.

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Regardless of the date of May 7, which appears on the screen, which is expected to announce the company about the phones, it seems that new phones get a separate speaker, and is large at the top and bottom without note.

Leaked information these phones for the first time in a month last November, so that available to provide the specification of the average, it will take a lot features phones Pixel 3 of the original including the features of the cameras.

Were previous leaks have indicated that the two phones are different in size, because the pixels 3a depends on the screen size of 5.6 inch and pixels 3a XL depends on the screen size of 6 inch by height 18.5: 9.

Source: Android Headlines

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