First look at the design of the Facebook Messenger New after its launch

During its conference for developers F8 in May, announced last Facebook they work on re-designing the app Messenger is fully and releasing it soon, but he didn’t start releasing it to users only days before.

The design of Messenger new focus on simplifying the user experience by removing the unnecessary elements of the interface, and provide some of the advantages that he wants the public, also alluded to the dark mode.

From the images obtained by the Android Paul show due to the terms in the bottom three Its just: chat, contacts, and discovery, where it connects to the last games, companies and more.

There are amendments on the chat windows make their shape more simplified, and through the chat window can access the contact information that will make you talk in color chat or customize a menu image for quick access to them.

In general it seems that the new updates make the messenger system and thus facilitate the use, however, the lack of commas in some places may make the interface confusing sometimes. It should be noted the absence of any evidence of a dark mode.

Provide new design to some users of the servers Facebook directly without updating the application, what means that you can’t come out to join the program demo or download the APK application, but have to wait until up to you.

Source: Android Police

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