First look on Android 10 one OneUI 2.0 on the phone said taxi S10+

Posted you yesterday’s news that Google has announced that Android 10 won’t name any candy anymore and the name (android 10) just as is the case with the iOS system. Today appeared the experience of the use of the first Android 10 phone said taxi S10+ next to the second version of the interface Samsung OneUI as we expected the new update to the operating system comes with some nurses that got Note 10 and Nokia 10 plus.

Go back to talk about Android 10 on said epoxy S10+ the first thing we can note is that the phone will get new gestures to the system which will be standard on all Android phones as announced by the Google in the month of May previous so that gestures would be the same on Samsung phones, Huawei, Google.. etc. If you drag the screen from the middle, you go to the main image while the drag from the bottom left or right will work the back button swiping from the bottom and then hang the finger on the screen will become a window application method.

As for the special features bnwt 10 which came with the new update, and we find them recording the video content of the screen and also to facilitate the use of the application Your Phone your windows for linking your smartphone and your computer.

As for the interface, use OneUI 2.0 it seems that Samsung didn’t do a lot of changes and updates marked where they come in the same form almost except that the changes can be internal rather than external. In the following We offer you a video review of the system, which was published by one of the channels the Brazilian:

Source: SamMobile

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