First tests show that the laptops with the Snapdragon platform 835 and Windows 10 is not pleased with the performance

About what the market should appear in laptops with Windows 10 and ARM processors first became known at the end of 2016. In 2017, new details and even the promise Qualcomm and Microsoft to begin sales of new products before the end of the year.

But, as we know, this did not happen. Moreover, now you can buy only HP Envy x2, and Asus NovaGo will be available in may. And all other similar devices is still not even announced. Is this bad? This question can help to answer fully test the HP. Note that a little earlier in the Network there are many reviews of Asus, but they do not contain tests. Now we have the opportunity to find out whether it is Snapdragon 835 to work with full Windows 10.

So, below are a few charts. Here at the source more, so you can see if desired.

In principle, special reviews results not need, but still think. First, overall performance Snapdragon 835 in Windows 10 is extremely low. Even Celeron N3450 often much faster, and he belongs to a generation Apollo Lake, which for a change has already come CPU Gemini Lake. As you can see, even working in Photoshop is laptop test. In this test, where the Snapdragon 835 is ahead of the Celeron, is sufficiently small. Basically it is native to dozens of apps within the UWP.

We now turn to autonomy. Everything is significantly more interesting.

The laptop shows significantly better performance than most other solutions with Intel CPU, and if you use native ON, the result becomes even more interesting. In this market there are several mobile PC with a full-fledged processors demonstrate similar performance, but this unit, at the time, how almost all devices running on ARM processors should differ good battery life.

Gaming benchmarks here, but before, as I have said, the journalists had the opportunity to familiarize with Asus. Those who tried to run it, saying that nothing of this venture failed. That is, with the application often is no problem, but with games is trouble. Undoubtedly, some will work, but this issue has yet to understand.

It is also worth noting that previously, the Network got the list of restrictions to Windows 10 using the CPU ARM. It turned out that the system will not be identical to the solution with a conventional x86-processor. First, Windows 10 ARM (called for convenience) does not support apps x64. That is, you can run only the apps x86. Later, probably this problem will be solved, but it’s Microsoft, so let’s not make plans.

In addition, the drivers are not supported x86, that there may be problems connecting old peripherals. Older OpenGL version OpenGL 1.1 is not supported, which primarily will affect many projects with anticytokine systems. Also they said that can cause problems with software that allows you to customize the appearance of OSes. To start a virtual machine with Hyper-V won’t work either.

So what we have in the end? As a result, the advantages of a great autonomy, weight and size parameters, and modem in these laptops. That is, there is no need to plant accum phone, using it as an access point. With a price is difficult. The Asus costs $ 600, and for laptop HP please for 1000. And in the latter case, given the variety of nuances a lot.

Who might like this camera? In my opinion, this is a great typewriter, if we are talking about budget models. Also, these laptops can come to those whose usage scenarios are limited to the social networks and messengers and for some reason need it is a laptop, not a smartphone. In General, while positioning and consumer performance is complicated by the fact that in the market there are two models is very significant.

But the emergence of these laptops in itself is welcome. Power ARM processors will rise, the market will begin to appear very affordable models of such notebooks, and Microsoft, we hope, will gradually resolve the issues with support and compatibility. And in the end, after two or three years we may get something like a 400-dollar laptop with some Snapdragon SoC 865, 20-hour autonomy and sufficient for normal task performance. It only remains to wait.

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