Fisker is planning to reveal an electric car suitable for a Model Y

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Company seeks Fisk delve into the electric car market with a new concept means to offer a high specification with a good price, after detecting delivery of its new Model Y and the declaration of its executive director for a copy a variety of them according to the wishes of the consumer it seems that the Vespa will make a way similar to the sports car model SUV cut off 300 miles on a battery charge by 80 Cleo Watts/hours will the price of around 40000 dollars, according to the website Engadget.

Was more in the line of the company they Although work on the car its new, but its Model initial will not be available during the period of the close, but expectations are for no later than the end of 2019, which means that the market will take more time with the material available in the second half of the year 2021 in the same timezone which will be in Tesla cars in the market.

The report noted that the Vespa won’t write in this style only but seeks at the same time to launch two models more affordable lessen the expansion of their scope of its presence in the energy market cleanliness, which is essential attribute and incubator that will shape the future of cars the next.

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