Fitbit announces a competitor's Apple Watch at $ 329

Fitbit today, Tuesday, unveiled a fitness tracker and two smart watches, including a watch designed to help monitor stress levels in users.

The Fitbit Sense watch – $ 329 – replaces the Ionic as the most expensive smartwatch from the US company that was founded 13 years ago, with the exception of the limited edition model. It is also the first watch from the company to measure the skin's electrical activity, or how well the skin conducts electricity, which varies with sweating and can indicate stress, noting that this feature is still awaiting approval from health regulators.

Fitbit research scientist Sami Abdul Ghaffar said: The new stress result will help users determine if they are able to start a new project, or if they should instead take a break, sleep early or meditate.

The company also announced the watch (Versa 3) Versa 3 smart at a price of $ 229, which got an upgrade compared to the previous generation, and the upgrade includes a GPS sensor and phone connection function, and announced the electronic bracelet (Inspire 2) Inspire 2, which comes with a new design with a price not exceeding 100.

Fitbit said: The devices will be shipped to users from late September, with initial orders starting today.

Fitbit has lost market share of wearables to Apple and other companies since it went public five years ago. The company announced last week that its new paid subscription service, aimed at increasing revenue, now has 500,000 subscribers.

According to market research firm IDC, Fitbit's share of the wearables market that shipped last year worldwide was 5%, behind Apple, which accounted for 32%.

In order to challenge Apple together, last November, Google agreed to buy Fitbit for $ 2.1 billion. But competition regulators in the United Kingdom, the United States and several other jurisdictions are considering whether the acquisition will unfairly deepen Google's data on user habits. Fitbit said the reviews could delay the deal until 2021.

But at the moment, the two companies are entering into a software partnership, as by the end of this year users of the Fitbit Sense watch and Versa 3 will be allowed access to the digital assistant from the Google Assistant, similar to the current Fitbit integration with Alexa from Amazon. .

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