Fitbit announces it will stop support hours Pebble smart in the month of June next


The company announced the Fitbit today that it will end its support for smart watches Pebble in the month of June, and exactly on the 30th day of June. It should be noted that the company Fitbit had decided in the beginning to stop supporting smart watches Pebble by the end of 2017, but decided in the end to extend the period of support for about six months to now terminate the period of support by the end of June next.

Although the hours Pebble and its applications associated to mobile devices will continue to work after June 30, you’ll not finish many of the services, including the Pebble Appstore and the Pebble Forum and voice recognition, SMS, and reply to e-mails with iOS, as well as many other services.

On this subject, stated the company Pebble by saying : ” there will be other updates for apps Pebble on the platform Android and iOS. The latest versions of the apps Pebble is still compatible with current versions of iOS and Android. Users should take into account that it’s possible for future versions of the system Android and iOS to stop running apps Pebble “.


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