Fitbit is planning to launch the company’s assets for sale as a result of reduced revenue in 2019

Forecasts suggest that Fitbit recent decline in the company’s revenue from the sales of the watches and the bracelet and the smartphone, which is what prompted Fitbit to search for a deal to sell the company recently.

I started a company Fitbit is taking its first steps into the smart watch market during 2007, however, the latest indicators suggest that Fitbit is preparing to ask the company up for sale soon.

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Launched its Fitbit for competition in the markets since the start of the steady steps, where she managed already to achieve good sales of the company’s products from bracelets and smart watches, however, the issuance of the company’s last hour Versa Lite Smart did not achieve the expected income from the company, but that Fitbit has recently lowered its forecast for revenues this year in its latest report.

And rumors recently that the Fitbit has hired Qatalyst Partners is one of the investment banks to ask the company for sale, also refers to that the Fitbit did not identify any evil at the present time, but the Fitbit has several assets in each of the Pebble, and Twine Health, and Vector Watch, and also the Coin which can allow to buy a Fitbit to get a good deal when you put the company up for sale.


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