Fitbit launches bracelet Fitbit Ace ad litem for children in the UAE

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Announced the company fitbit today announced the launch of the bracelet Fitbit Ace at major retailers in the United Arab Emirates, will have its price 399 AED.

Works bracelet Fitbit Ace, for children who did not exceed the age of 8 years, to encourage children to exercise by providing who have numerous advantages, such as calculating the number of steps, minutes active, hours of sleep and messages and the rewards and challenges appropriate for all the family, comes this bracelet is adjustable in two distinctive two and battery life up to 5 days, and the design of the bracelet in the Ace to fit with children’s lives full of activity, will be able to people through this bracelet talk about what relates to their children and people who contact them the information that they see through the Fitbit application, which will increase their activity.

It seems people are always looking for ways to encourage their children to follow a healthy and active lifestyle, in conjunction with continued high rates of obesity among children, and studies demonstrate that two out of every three children they are not actively taking enough every day, according to a study conducted by the Fitch house, the parents thought that reducing the time spent by their children in front of the TV screen to determine the level to increase the activity of their children, 58 percent while 75 percent of parents they are interested in using the tracking devices Fitness to help them and their children in maintaining their physical activity.

Dr. Ryan Rhodes, a psychologist in the exercise, the Director of the Laboratory of behavioral medicine at the University of Victoria, a member of the team Fitbit Advisory: “lets bracelet Fitbit Ace the possibility of the availability of all family members directly to assist parents and their children understand the effect of physical activity on general health, when the parents all the information related to their children, they will as a result reduce the time they spend on TV, phones and increase the time allocated for physical fitness in a fun way and motivational”.

Adopted Vito’s house when the design of the Fitbit Ace calculation of the Fitbit family, the concept of privacy through user experience, both for parents and children, as was the adoption of safeguards and controls to help provide a safe and positive experience, and to create an account for children, you must first obtain the consent of the parents, and also allows the expense of the Fitbit family, the parents approval of the persons who communicate with their children and at the level of their activity, parents can control the type of statistics that show their children through the app, ensure ask them what motivates them and encourages them to exercise more.

As kids can see the stats appropriate for their age, including the number of steps, minutes active, hours of sleep, while the will not appear this bracelet is data associated with a number of calories, weight and fat body mass index the body and social benefits.

Information about the bracelet Fitbit Ace

  • Help the bracelet is on the development of healthy habits for children by tracking the number of their steps, minutes active, hours of sleep, is also considered the basic objectives of the guidelines for global health is 60 minutes of physical activity and 9 hours of sleep a day.
  • Reduces bracelet time stable by providing reminders dedicated to the movement every hour.
  • Encourages children to adopt healthy habits through suggestion of daily challenges or weekly and provide rewards to them, parents can watch the statistics mean children will be towards their objectives and other advantages in the application of the Fitbit.
  • Brings families together with the web all personnel involved in encouragement and accountability, parents can watch the activity of their children and the statistics that they witness in the application.

Price and availability

Fancy bracelet Fitbit Ace as of today in the Virgin Megastore sun & sand sports and other museums and major retail in the UAE and GCC, is available as a bracelet through the website the range of online shopping sites main at a price of 399 AED, comes in purple and blue.

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