Fitbit launches Fitbit Versa smart watch suitable for all

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The company launched the fitbit hour day Fitbit Versa smart and modern for a very reasonable price, which is the lightest smart watch metal in the U.S. market, it also comes designed with comfort in mind and a new controller to facilitate how to access data related to health and fitness.

And comes also with advanced features for health and fitness, such as calculating heart rate around the clock throughout the week and display the exercises on the screen and track the stages of sleep automatically, and the compatibility of these advanced features with smart features such as quick responses on Android system and pay without the wallet, playlists, music, featuring former old card its unique which extends up to 4 days, are available hours the Versa requests for Advance Purchase at the price of 899 AED, and will be available in the retail market world in April 2018.

Announced fitbit also feature a new healthy for women to help them pursue their menstrual cycle and on health data in one place, and understand the links of their health better overall, will be available services follow women’s health on hours my Fitbit Versa andFitbit Ionic and all users of the Fitbit application, starting from the spring of 2018.

Said James Park, co-founder and CEO of fitbit: “at a time when wearable technology in the growth, come the hour Fitbit Versa to meet the urgent need in the market by offering a smart watch full of unique design and easy to use at a very competitive price, offering the Versa for consumers advanced features for tracking health and fitness, which is famous for its Vita house, in addition to its compatibility with mobile and battery life of over 4 days, to provide users a better perception of their general health, what makes them superior to any smart watch available today.”

Launched the hours the Versa with the operating system Fitbit 2.0 reserved for smart watches, including the Control Panel a new personal provide see more simplicity and comprehensiveness of your data health and fitness, along with providing the best application for cell phones to the bracelet, including:

  • Statistics at a glance: you can see the statistics daily and weekly health and physical education, in addition to the Permanent activity of the heart rate summaries aerobics, messages, motivational and action-oriented tips and guidance daily, all that will be present on your wrist.
  • The allocation of additional time: the application provides the advantages of ticketing deadlines and requirements and log, clarifications, summaries, sleep and social challenges, with actions directly depend on the user data, which will be launched later in 2018.

And the Versa also all features of health and fitness that is preferred by the users of fitbit’s a battery life that runs for more than 4 none2:

  • Guidance fitness personal: enhance your heart rate through the feature PurePulse follow the pulse of the heart permanently, and display the workout profile on the screen through the feature Fitbit Coach, and more than 15 put the exercise and Global Positioning System, and follow the swim with a water resistant up to 50 meters, in addition to the automatic tracking exercise.
  • Take responsibility for your health and encourage you: use the feature to track sleep stages and explanations to see how the quality of sleep and schedule a convenient for, the level of cardio fitness to see how much you trim, it will move notices of motion need to move more during the day, while allow sensor SpO2 relative ability to track health indicators important in the future, such as Sleep Apnea.

Offer fitbit also has a system of tracking of women’s health to help women understand how to link PMS to the health of their public, according to a recent study conducted by the Fitch house, the 80 percent of women do not know the number of phases of the menstrual cycle, more than 70 percent are not able to determine the average length of the state properly, what shows on lack of awareness of women’s health, and the design of this system users of adult women who know for themselves that they are over the age of 13 on the Fitbit application, which allows the following:

  • Found permanent on your course: log data of your menstrual cycle easily, and keep track of your symptoms such as headaches, acne and cramps. This will help you System on the to be more informed on your health and planning your life correctly, and can assist you in showing the specific details for your doctor for personal care.
  • See the future: you know all about PMS and when to expect it in a new way of fitbit using the algorithm of the new state, which the acquisition of intelligence and accuracy when you enter the data of your menstrual cycle, and cycle your system on your wrist.
  • Your data in one place: you can display comprehensive data from one place to address the links between the state and other statistics found in the Fitbit application, such as trends in activity and to improve the management of your activity and sleep during certain times of the month.
  • Session 101: know additional information about your menstrual cycle and ovulation and fertility and common misconceptions with the learning content is available on the blog fitbit through the Fitbit application.
  • Connect with others: join other women across the groups in the tab available in the app to get support on key topics such as menstruation and birth control and problem pregnancy, pregnancy and pre menopause, the menopause.
  • Statistics, guidance and personal: in the future, with the growth of the database health metrics females, may help these data enable fitbit to offer more ideas, such as how the state effect on the activity of your sleep and your weight took, the likelihood that these things effect on your cycle.

Dr Catherine White, has a Ph. D. in the MA standards of public health and assistant professor in obstetrics and Gynecology at Boston University School of Medicine, and consultant to the company, Fitch house: “The system works to track The health of women to enable ladies understand the cycle of their menstruation better in conjunction with their health, physical and mental, where it will start women to identify natural tendencies and compare them with what could be the problem respond to inform your doctor, and be subject to the nuances of the menstrual cycle of extensive study among the population as is the case in the areas of health care, other, these developments unique made by fitbit to help in the creation of one of the largest databases of metrics for the health of the menstrual in the world, What the professionals of health care and research unsurpassed ability to study menstruation and women’s health depending on the data for real people”.

Is the Versa being the lightest and the most suitable price among the hours fitbit, as they are comfortable, durable and versatile enough to wear all day, and also characterized the structure of the aluminum kind, in addition to being tapered and angled a little in its design to match the contours of the hand small or big.

Come the screen the square is equipped with advanced touch and distinctive colors and graphics are clear and up to 1000 Nate, what the formula is perfect for displaying all your data on your wrist.

Make the Versa a variety of accessories elegant in proportion with the appearance of your building on your clothes or your events:

  • Accessories classic: featuring new materials resistant to stains, this bracelets stylish fitted swimming is available in the colors light pink, gray, black, purple, blue and white.
  • Accessories Leather of Horton: I made these bracelets by hand from the skins of high-level and the appearance of distinctive, simple, and come in the colors light brown, dark blue, purple and brown with accent stitching.
  • Accessories stainless steel: provide you links stainless steel bracelets, metal mesh look polished to increase the degree of your style, and provides links stainless steel in black or silver or silver outline, available wristbands Retina metal in black or silver.
  • Version of the Fitbit Versa: this release comes in two different designs with bracelets made specially inspired by the spirit of the clothing that is torn between the sport and life style in purple with aluminium structure painted gold pink, or in black anthracite with aluminium structure color graphite, in addition to the structure of a classic accessory black color.

Features a smart key helps you to simplify your life

Make the Versa a range of smart features to help you manage your day and quickly get the information you need to more than others:

  • Notifications and quick replies: you can view the applications, calls, calendar and text message notifications from your smartphone directly on the watch Display on your wrist, and for users of phones operating system Android send quick replies ready preset or customizable via text messages and messaging applications.
  • Music of the hour: listen to music without having to phone anywhere using headphones Bluetooth like the Fitbit Flyer, including more than 300 songs from your personal music collection and favorite Pandora, along with your playlists, such as the Flow of Deezer.
  • Payment through your watch: you don’t have to carry your wallet anymore, where you can pay for your purchases in any store easily with the payment feature contactless Fitbit Pay™, which are now available with the hours Fitbit Versa Special Edition, and supports about 40 banks in 14 countries, through payment cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express, will be the announcement of more state banks during the year 2018.
  • Apps and distinctive designs: you can customize your watch by choosing among a large range of applications and designs interfaces for in-studio Fitbit application, including the designs offered by Vita house laboratories, in addition to famous brands like E*TRADE and Flipboard وHue Lights وNest وStrava وSurfline United Airlines وAccuWeather وYelp, featuring Studio Fitbit application more than 550 application and one for the day, and a lot of developers to make available to users of the Versa soon.
  • Labs Vita house: an initiative for research and development was introduced last year and focused on accelerating innovation and behaviour change, these laboratories apply the new parents “New Parent” of the new to help the parents to follow the schedule of their children more easily, by recording the dates, the intake of food and change diapers and the mood of the children, to alert them through the previous and unable to parent the two new understanding of the links between sleep and mood of their children better, and to help them build a healthy routine for themselves and their children with the passage of time.
  • Compatibility: compatible hours the Versa with all devices and operating systems Android ,iOS and windows, so you can use any smart phone almost.

Said Riad Hawa, Vice President of global company devices in a company Deezer: “we are delighted to offer for hours fitbit smart around the world access and listen to types of music they prefer through their exercise easily, I was able to With this partnership facilitate the process of listening to the appropriate music from your wrist using the advantage of the Flow and audio track of the Ad Hoc in addition to a large collection of playlists, without having to connect your phone to an hour during your practice of sport”.

The software features the Versa, the new part of the latest updates for operating system Fitbit, it is an operating system dedicated for the fitbit smartphone, will be available a software update to users of hours Ionic.

As for the people interested in the development of operating system Fitbit, has launched the fitbit the first simulator on the internet, this will allow device developers to build and deploy applications and interfaces for my Ionic وVersa easily, without the need to have a device of your own, you can through the development of multiple devices to increase the level spread of your app and your access to the community of fitbit health and sports world.

Available hours Fitbit Versa for pre-order as of today from the site the number of retail stores selected online, and come priced at 899 AED for the black color with the structure of the aluminum, black, or gray with structure of aluminium, silver or light pink color with structure of aluminium, Golden pink.

It is worth mentioning that the portfolio hours fitbit smart has expanded with the introduction of the H Versa, offering consumers greater choices across its product range of tracking devices and authorities, and in determining the company’s website to get a larger share of the market of wearable devices in general.

According to the corporation IDC research, it is expected to double the size of the market for such devices in the world by the year 2021, almost, where the smart watches this long-term growth.

Announced fitbit today also about the Fitbit Ace, a bracelet for the wrist is designed for children aged over 8 years, so as to improve their control over and maintain the activity with their families.

Fitbit launches Fitbit Versa smart watch appropriate for everyone

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